2009 - as told from an iPhone

2009 was a pretty great year for me. I was able to take some items off of my list of goals and set some new ones for myself. Here are a few pictures from 2009 (only taken with my iPhone), because documenting how great life can be is important - regardless of what kind of equipment you're using. :)

You're able to see the images larger by clicking on them.

1. tree lined/brownstone street - my favorite  2. socks + moccasins = sockasins  3.sunset after blizzard '09  4. rooftop view from hotel in ny  5. clearly, eiffel tower  6. A new home  7. they meant it enough to write it in the concrete side walk  8. empire state of mind  9. wicked in London  10. made many trips to Dallas Ikea  11. this was a big feat for me; I'm a terrible bowler  12. Jason Sudeikis!!  13. nobody won anything significant  14. top of 30rock - no Liz Lemon in sight  15. road trip with the fam  16. NYE with The Lips