Christa, Paul, & Addison

Alright, the product of two rad parents equals one funny kid. Seriously, they have one baby on the way. If this other baby has half the personality of Addison, she will be down right hilarious.

Special thanks to Urbane OKC for letting us photograph in their gorgeous store. Go check them out on Automobile Alley.


I will never ever, in a million years, get tired of photographing this little guy. He's such a sweet little gentleman. I just adore him.


Stubbs Family

Sweetest little growing family. Look for baby number two in December.

Payne Family

Nothing is better for a photographer than when you get a fun family session. I actually work with Rebecca, so I already knew she was a fun person to be around. She's hilarious as a mom too though. I could see her shadow move around when I was photographing her kids because she was behind me [dancing] trying to make them laugh and have a good time (I think it worked).